Thursday, October 07, 2004

Guess the African leader

He still looks pissed about that bombing in 1986 Posted by Hello

So here is a picture I found on Yahoo of Silvio Berlusconi and our old friend Kadhafi (sp?). The story here was about the opening of an oil pipeline between Italy and Libya. However, one has to dig deeper here and wonder if the Libyan leader is making a statement. A statement with his choice of apparel. If you take a close look at his shirt, you can see faces and pictures of the African continent. Now, the only face I've been able to make out is that of Nelson Mandela, but what are the odds that some of those pictures are of Warlords, such as the leader of Ethiopia or Aidid of Somalia (The father, not their current leader his son)? Is it possible he just likes the shirt? Sure. Is it possible that Moamer was being sly? Of Course. Obviously any conclusion will likely be out of context, but compare the sneer on Kadhafi and the smile on Silvio's face. Looks like somebody took it from behind on this deal.

Upon further review: Maybe my sight is going, but I think I spotted Saddam. Bottom row, 3rd picture from the left, right under Mandela, how ironic.


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