Tuesday, September 20, 2005


So Instapundit and The Truth Laid Bear have devised a plan to help fund Katrina relief programs by getting bloggers to call out their elected officials on programs that reek of Pork. Not that pork always smells bad, there's nothing like the smell of Bacon in the morning, but I digress. So I now live in NE Ohio and am just getting to know the politicians that will represent me, why not take the time to let them get to know me? I took a look at Steve LaTourette's (R-14th district) congressional website and identified a little over $2.7 Million in ODOT pork projects that can probably wait. Most notable among these projects are the Construction of a bicycle path extension in Geauga County Park District in Chardon for $400,000 and the purchase of right-of-way for transportation enhancement activities in Bainbridge Township, for about $1.44 Million. It's a little late to contact the congressman right now, but his site does have an 800 number for his local office and if I can't get in touch with someone that way, I'll give his D.C. office a shot. I'm sure I won't speak with him directly, and $2.7 Million doesn't some like much, but this is only after a cursory search. With time, I'm sure I'll find more. Every little bit helps, especially if it means no tax hikes.

Update 9/26: I haven't been able to get through to the congressman's office by phone, mostly because I don't get home in time to catch anyone on the late shift. I have, however, e-mailed Mr. LaTourette requesting he consider cutting back on transportation funding locally to help out Katrina victims, we'll see how long it takes to hear from him. A Rose by Any Other Name has yet to hear from the distinguished gentleman.

Update 9/28: I have yet to receive a response to the email I sent Congressman LaTourette, so I stepped it up and sent an e-mail to Senator Mike DeWine. It is now a race to see who can respond first. I'm not holding my breath.


Blogger Anna said...

I've got to send another email to La Tourette. I'll try Voinovich, too. I don't think anyone's tried him yet.

We should squeeze the money out of Taft and his cronies!

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