Thursday, August 11, 2005

AP gets it wrong

The Associated Press had an interesting little article today about a pair of museums that are having a bit of trouble getting what they want. To be specific, the International Freedom Center and the Drawing Room are learning that many people don't care much for them. Well that's not completely true. The Drawing Room is a pre-existing museum/gallery in Soho (that's NYC, people). The International Freedom Center is a bit more noxious, mainly that George Soros has taken it upon himself to provide a fair amount of funding. It's main purpose is to enlighten normally rational people as to the roots of 9/11 and why it's all our fault. That may be a bit extreme, but then again it's probably dead on. Amy Westfeldt, the AP writer, is under the impression that either of these museums were just given a spot at the WTC site. Her quote is, "The Freedom Center and the Drawing Center are parts of cultural space long planned at the trade center site." No, they were suggested as part of a group of 200 different potential participants. They've gained a measure of notoriety as a result of people's objections to their participation, rather than the natural conclusion which would be to memorialize the victims. Read the article and come to your own conclusions, but I had a little trouble not being unhappy with the tone of the article.

Ground Zero Museums move


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