Sunday, July 17, 2005

Riding the Clutch

ESPN is trying to say Tiger Woods' victory at St. Andrews was in some way a clutch performance from a grizzled veteran. Well if they're not saying it, it's certainly implicit in their coverage of his win. I'm sorry but there's nothing clutch about taking a 2 stroke lead and winning by 5 strokes. Especially with his royal hinie, Colin Montgomerie doing next to nothing. A clutch performance is Michael Jordan making a 4 point lead feel like 40. Clutch is Reggie Jackson hammering homeruns every which way he can. In their ever present attempt to increase the profile of their coverage, ESPN has abused the word clutch. Maybe they can have Stuart "Dead Eye" Scott kick off tonight's Sportscenter by saying that Tiger was "straight bangin'." That would be a treat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiger rules. Instead of posting complaints about ESPN's coverage of the Open you should have been in NJ kickin' it at the "Pay Up, Sucker" BBQ.

8:26 AM  

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