Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bobby Fischer Redux

So my witnessing of the Jeremy Schaap/Bobby Fischer debate, and the subsequent traffic on the site, made me decide to delve into Fischer's issues a little deeper. I found some rather interesting things, including the Fischer family FBI files, courtesy of a report the Philadelphia Inquirer did in 2002. One of the remarkable things is that Fischer was correct, he was being watched, only not as part of some grand zionist conspiracy, because his mother was sympathetic (supposedly) to some of America's enemies. The files the Inquirer obtained through the Freedom of Information Act are an interesting look into the life of Regina Fischer and the early life of her son. It also has information on Bobby Fischer's father, but not very much. While it's an interesting look into the other side of the "conspiracy" against Fischer, it's hard to see the FBI acting maliciously against Fischer, as he claims. There are a lot of documents and there is a fair bit of information blanked out, but like I said, it's interesting. It also still leaves some questions about Bobby's lunacy unanswered. I'm going to continue looking into this and will probably report any more interesting information.

FBI Fischer Files

Original Inquirer Report


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