Saturday, March 26, 2005

Jeremy Schaap Rules

Okay, I just watched ESPN's coverage of Jeremy Schaap interviewing chess crackpot Bobby Fischer in Iceland, and I must say Jeremy Schaap is a better man than I thought he was. To go back a bit, Jeremy's father, Dick Schaap, the great sports reporter, once took young Bobby Fischer to some Knicks games when Fischer was about 12 or 13, and then reported on the young phenom. Years later, Schaap Sr. reported that he didn't think Fischer had a sane bone in his body. This was well after Fischer went off his rocker. So tonight ESPN showed Jeremy's questioning of Fischer in Iceland (screw them, by the way). So in the midst of his questioning Fischer goes off on his conspiracy tangent, and recognizes Jeremy Schaap. Fischer talks of the time he spent with Dick Schaap and then lets loose with a few nuggets. I believe he said " typical jew fashion he turns on me and writes complete falsehooods about me, you must not have read the article." To which Jeremy responds, "I'll admit I didn't read the article, but I heard what he said, and you haven't done anything today to disprove anything he said." And then Schaap turned his back on Fischer and walked out. Jeremy Schaap you deserve kudos for your actions, If I'm the only person who says it, it still wouldn't matter, you're message was sent. Good work!

Attention types: I linked to a really good article about Fischer from "The Atlantic" in my post Searching for Bobby Fischer. Check it out if you haven't read enough about him. Who knew a little drunk Sportscenter would pay off?


Anonymous OldTiemChessman said...

I also saw that news conference and was reminded of the great Dick Schaap, who I met along with Bobby at Erasmus Hall High School around 1955 or 1956after a chess meet. I was starry-eyed (mostly about Bobby) at the time, before he shot himself down in flames. I would love to share my rememberances of his father with Jeremy, if I knew where to write him.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Q said...

Jeremy Schapp did great in that interview. The guy's going off on his dad, on Jews, and he's got a pretty demonstrable track record of being nuts. Jeremy stood up for his dad in the nicest way possible. And Fischer just sat there, kinda rocking back and forth, kind of nodding. Maybe no one's ever stood up to his crazy statements. Jeremy Schapp, VERY well done

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

Ok,it is not fair to blame Jeremy for something that his father has done. But impressive in this youtube video is also to see how much Bobby Fischer was in pain when he spoke about Dicks article.
Does anybody knows the exact date when the article was published and the precise text? Would be easier to come to a final conclusion< facts might help from time to time...

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no shortage of morons in this country!

Ok, so Fischer is a bad guy now because he attacked the U.S. and the Jewish lobby? If he had attacked Arabs and Muslims, they would have given him the "Medal of Freedom"!!!!

Do you know what he went through after being arrested and mistreated in a Pasadena jail as if he was a common criminal? And that too after what he did for the U.S. standing in the world by winning the World Chess Championship from Boris Spassky????

And the absurdity of the U.S. govt ordering Fischer not to play a chess match against Spassky in Yugoslavia! Quite a paragon of freedom and human rights it is!!!
Fischer did good in pointing out that this "Emperor" has no clothes!

The criminal bureaucrats in the U.S. government also engineered his arrest and detention again in Japan (they revoked his passport without informing him and Bobby was arrested in Narita when he was leaving Japan) where he was held in solitary confinement in a prison in an area which had radioactive hazards due to an accident in the local nuclear plant!

All of Fischer's life work and collections and documents he had in storage in the U.S. were seized. I wonder what happened to them. Who has them now?

And Jeremy Schaap and the nitwits who applaud him have the gall to ask why Fischer spoke against the U.S.???

What's the difference between someone who questions Fischer's sanity (after being in jail in Pasadena and Japan, should we be surprised that he was psychologically broken???)for attacking the U.S. and a Soviet Commissar who questions your sanity because you attacked the Soviet system?

5:27 AM  

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