Friday, February 25, 2005

Does it really matter?

I've been reading about a supposed CIA front company in Oregon, Bayard Foreign Marketing LLC. Now, it's fairly apparent that this company is one of the CIA's "franchises", and it has recently come under a lot of scrutiny because their corporate Jet has flown to places most businessmen would never be seen. Like Guantanamo Bay, or Yemen. The real controversy is that this plane, as it has been dubbed by some foreign press, is the "torture plane" for the CIA. To be quite honest, I could care less. A lot of people like to demonize the CIA for various reasons. Mostly that they deny certain parties their civil liberties as humans. I subscribe to the age old philosophy of "Do Unto Others as they would to you" and sometimes we need a personification of this. It's not like the old days when the CIA could be counted on to create revolution in countries that needed it. The agency is clearly in a new era, and much as we don't like it, we have no choice but to accept it. We as Americans don't get to dictate what goes on, as much as we all think it's our right. Now back to my main point. So the CIA takes terrorists to countries that don't adhere to civil liberties during interrogations, in a number of cases these terrorists are being taken back to their country of citizenship. It's not like they're bringing these guys back to the White House Lawn to be beaten publicly and embarassed. If people aren't complaining about this, they're going to complain about something. It's the nature of people. My biggest problem with this is that European journalists like to brand something like this as the penultimate problem with American Anti-Terror Policy and the reason why we're the assholes. Like they haven't been whining since WWI about our place in the world and their diminishing role. I'm not anti-European, I'm anti-whining.


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