Wednesday, February 23, 2005

She'll soon be a widow

What, no dress blues? Posted by Hello

This is Shamil Basayev, a muslim Chechen warlord. He is essentially Al-Qaeda's Eastern European commander. Islamofascists like to refer to him as the leader of the Chechen resistance against Russian interference. That's a load of garbage. His group's aim is to create an Islamic state out of Chechnya. They typically use woman as suicide bombers. You know, because it's much easier to find a new wife than get a new explosives smuggler. But I digress, Basayev has emerged from a month long "retreat" to take his third wife in Southern Russia (or Chechnya, depending on where you're from). He'll no doubt be taking a fourth, #3 will probably be strapping C4 to herself in the near future. This guy is grade A scum and should be erased. It takes a special kind of arrogance to publicize yourself like this, especially with International security services on the hunt. There are only so many times someone can put themselves in the public eye before they get tracked down, and I have to belive this guy will soon meet his demise.


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