Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Who cares about Hockey?

At least he was honest...Posted by Hello

Well the baseball season is rapidly approaching, with Pitchers & Catchers reporting yesterday. The early season buzz will have more to do with Steroids than anything else. But I could care less. Well that's not true, I just don't get spastic about the fact that there's a steroids controversy. Every sport goes through some dark phase. Football had steroids and later pot (Nate Newton). Hoops had Cocaine and Pot. Hockey had Coke and 'Roids (John Kordic). I could care less because it's all about fantasy baseball. My partner and I participate in a 16 team pay league. This will be our fourth year in this league and the best part about it is either the draft or the amount of trash talk that goes on. I like our chances this year. We've got Clevelands catching prodigy Victor Martinez and Danny Kolb, the Braves new closer since Smoltz is going to be a starter this year. We've got the 15th pick in our draft though, but the bright side is we get 2 picks close together, which can generally be an advantage. We'll just have to see.


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