Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Attn DNC: Please hire this boob!

If he hates Republicans now, what happens when he blows the next election for the Democrats?
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I'm going to take a cue from National Review and beg that the people at the DMV (err, DNC) hire Howard Dean. It should be interesting to see how Dean divides Democrats. Think about it, Dean and his cadre of socialists should alienate a large portion of the more intelligent left with his (pardon the pun) claims, or shrieks, from left field. In order for Dean to effectively run the DNC, he's going to have to extricate himself from some of his alliances (think predatory insurance policies while Governor of VT). What he really needs to do is tone down the blind rhetoric and start pointing out the inroads that Democrats have made around the country. No more of the "Republicans are bad because they're evil" chatter, it's counterproductive to the DNC message, which nobody even knows, because they haven't produced a coherent one on McAuliffe's watch. Taking the default candidate over somebody more qualified should worry Democrats (think John Kerry), Howard Dean is on the fringe and can surely put out some quality rhetoric, but can he unite the many factions of the DNC to produce a winner? Give him the job and we'll find out. I doubt it, but if anything it should be fun to watch.


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