Wednesday, March 23, 2005

March Madness

Well the NCAA tournament this year has probably been more exciting than many that I can remember. It seems like there are a lot more upsets this year than in year's past, but I don't really have any evidence of that, and I don't feel like looking. At any rate, while my brackets stink, I still have my championship game teams in the mix. Carolina and Arizona. Duke will lose because they have little to no depth, and I think Kentucky is capable of outrunning them. Especially after playing against Michigan State. I have a tough couple of games with Arizona going up against OK State and then Illinois, but people are vastly underestimating the Wildcats. They're better than people think. Carolina has a depleted bracket and can easily beat both Wisconsin and NC State. This is the best time of year, the overlap of March Madness and Spring Training. Oh and let's not forget Lacrosse season. Perennial contender Princeton is having a rough early season, but don't count them out, and Army is moving it's way up the polls. Currently at #6, I'll be attending the Army-Duke Showdown on April 23rd with my father (USMA '68, C-3). One of his roommates at the academy was a fine goalie by the name of Donald "Donnie" Workman, unfortunately he was KIA in Vietnam. Okay well that's all for now folks, maybe if someting moves me, I'll check in later.


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