Friday, March 25, 2005

My 4 cents

Okay, so everyone and their brother feels the need to comment on the Schiavo/Schindler tilt. So here comes my commentary. The whole problem with this thing is that the only evidence that Terry Schiavo doesn't want to be kept alive is hearsay from her "husband." This is a man who can only say that it came up in conversation about 14 years ago. This is also coming from a man who has since fathered 2 children with another woman. He has lived with this woman for a long enough period for the government to consider them married in common law. I can certainly understand his position, well I could until a number of hospice nurses came forward and alleged abuse on the part of Michael Schiavo. Okay so here's the point: Michael Schiavo has moved on with his life, why can't he just let the Schindler's care for their daughter as they see fit? Is it that he wants her to die so he can get re-married? Is there some variety of Insurance claim he is entitled to only if she dies? The whole think stinks, people can fault congress for getting involved, but they at least have better intentions for Terry than her "husband." So that's that.


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