Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bad News and More Bad News

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Major League Baseball, it has. Yesterday a report was released saying that 38 minor league players would be hit with suspensions of varying degrees. To look at the list, a number of things stand out. A great deal of these players all come from the same farm systems. The Mariners had 8 players suspended, The Cubs had 7, The Angels had 5 suspended, the Moneyball A's had 5 suspended also. The A's also have the distinction of having David Castillo suspended for a third violation of the drug policy. One would think that one violation is too many. The remaining teams on the list are the Rangers, Padres, Rockies, White Sox and Cardinals. The other notable suspension is that of one time Barry Bonds teammate Damian Moss. I'm not implying that there were Canseco-like activities in the Giants locker room with Barry and Damian, but it sure doesn't look good. So that's the bad news, and here's one more item: Reds utility player Ryan Freel was arrested for DWI while driving home from the game. Now here is something that has been under-examined in the midst of all this steroid hoopla. Baseball players and booze are no strangers, and who doesn't like to go out and celebrate after a big win? The problem here is that the last thing baseball needs is another substance abuse problem. At some point Major League Baseball is going to have to start acting like a responsible parent, rather than everybody's favorite uncle, and clean up this mess. Maybe the threat of losing his job would motivate Mr. Selig.

Cincinnati Enquirer report on Freel's DWI


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