Saturday, July 02, 2005

White Feather

A True HeroPosted by Picasa

Recently I decided to read more. Mostly the classic books I was supposed to read in High School but never did. So in my travels through Barnes & Noble, I stopped in the military section. I happened upon a book called Marine Sniper. Most Marines are pretty bad. Bad in the sense that they instill fear in pretty much every enemy they encounter. In World War I German troops getting taken out by Marine snipers took to calling them "teufelhunden" or "Devil Dogs." But I digress. This book is about the exploits of Carlos Hatchcock, about the baddest mother there was in Vietnam. He recorded 93 confirmed kills and I'm sure twice that many unconfirmed. It's truly a book worth reading. I find myself loath to put the book down because It is an amazing tale of dedication and bravery. Unfortunately, Carlos suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and died in 1999 as a result. If this country had more men like Hatchcock and less like Dave Matthews, it would be perfect, well pretty close.


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