Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rockets go Boom

So Israel pulled out of Gaza thinking that Palestinian militants would cut them a break and stop attacking them. Well that didn't work out all that well. The Palestinians, okay Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been firing missiles at Israel since the pullout. Well Israel decided to stand up and say enough is enough, at least for now. Every time Palestinian terrorist groups declare a cease fire they turn right around and show that they're lying, or find some way to blame Israel for something stupid, like idiots mishandling explosives at a Hamas rally and killing a child and some other "innocent" bystanders. Here in America, most parents tell us that playing with fire will get one burned. Apparently nobody told Hamas that playing with C4 will get you cremated without a proper memorial service. I have very little sympathy for people who pick a fight and then get a black eye in retaliation. At some point both sides are going to run out of people willing to continue this idiotic cycle. Which side runs out first is basically arithmetic now. Israel has an army, and a well equipped one at that. Palestine has fanatics who run the risk of being smeared every time they walk out the door.


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