Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stupidity Unleashed

Citing unnamed and anonymous, and likely non-existent sources, America's leading racist, Lightning Lou Farrakhan, is continuing his assault on intelligence everywhere. Today's nugget is his continuance of the conspiracy theory du jour, "That the Army Corps of Engineers blew up the dikes in New Orleans to wipe out as many black people as possible." The leading voice of stupidity said, "a member of the Army Corps of Engineers saw burn marks on the concrete." I find this hard to believe. I'm no demolitions expert, in fact the extent of my explosives experience involves M-80s, but I'm fairly certain that when combined with dynamite or other conventional explosives, concrete disintegrates into rubble without leaving burn marks. Concrete is sedimentary in nature, meaning that it is rather loose, as anyone who has dropped a cinder block will tell you. So what I gather from this, is that the Prime Minister of Hatred would rather blame white America for all of society's ills rather than address them head on and work to fix them. Oh, wait a tick, this proves it, "FEMA is insensitive, there are not enough blacks high up. The Red Cross, too. It's too white, it is! Racism poisoned the bloodstream of politics." So there you have it, lack of diversity in every agency is what caused the entire hurricane and subsequent disaster relief disaster.


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