Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just drop the case

Generally, when I got to it's to check out my fantasy baseball teams or check scores. Every once in a while the sports world has a captivating story that deserves coverage. I really think the Duke lacrosse story is one. While it's fading in most media outlets, the sports world is still paying attention. Reade Seligman is one of the 3 players wrongfully indicted in this case. Today a judge decided to reduce Seligman's bond to $100,000 from $400,000, money his father had to borrow. Here's the part that I think stinks: A trial isn't scheduled to begin before spring of 2007, so the two underclassmen will have missed 3 straight semesters of school for something they haven't done. I really really really don't like lawyers that much, but I really really really like vengeance. I hope that the parents of these kids counter this entire mess with a nice wrongful prosecution suit. Their children have been tainted for life whether they like it or not. Eventually it will fade, but over the course of the next few years, they might as well walk around with targets on their chests.


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