Thursday, July 20, 2006

Duke Redux

This is a compelling post about the inner struggle at Duke between common sense and certain members of its faculty. It seems to me that quite a few of the faculty members have come to their own conclusions about the case based on the notion that the accused are athletes and serve no purpose among the academic side of the school. It's a shame that this sort of bias will blind anyone, much less a professor. From what I gather, quite a few of these so called academics aren't interested in evidence, just what they "know." At any school you'll find professors who find a certain joy in tormenting athletes in any number of ways. What seperates average colleges from outstanding ones is the ratio of professors who treat each student equally to those who have bias or an agenda of some sort. In this case it looks like Duke needs some help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry of the Duke LaRapists. OJ wishes he had as good a team of lawyers. The important lesson that is going unlearned is: Don't bring a drugged up hooker to your party and try to have sex with her!

P.S. If Nifong was a good lawyer it would have been an easy case, simply because they pawed her and blocked her exit. (But hey, she is a stupid doper.) And their parents really believe they hired her as a dancer?!

P.P.S. I was convicted for something I didn't do because I hired a piece of crap $1500 lawyer. It must be good to have money.

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